Ski The Valley - Latest blog entries All blog entries from Mon, 22 May 2017 13:16:35 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Winter Gem of Thomas, WV   Welcome to my first photo blog.  There is no need for words when the winter beauty of Douglas Falls in Thomas, WV speak for itself.  My inspiration was founded while over the last few weekends I was met by the success of the ski industry, big lines and crowded parking lots.  Here are one of the best answers for solitude, quiet, and the great outdoors.


The adventure starts on Rail Falls Rd., off Douglas Rd. in Thomas, WV



The road to somewhere.



Great history along the way, coke ovens and old rail buttress.  With out the coal industry there would be no Thomas, WV, be thankful.



Getting closer now.



This is solitude.



There is nothing to see here folks, nothing at all!


Now get out there and get tucker'd.




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Driftland Ski and Sport DSC05777.JPG


  The age of the box store is not dead.  Just ask Ian Beckner, an entrepreneur and life time skier who has returned home with his family to open Driftland Ski & Sport in the town of Davis, WV.  At one time Driftland Ski and Sport housed the regions only pharmacy, located next to the Davis fire department.  It could be said Ian will have the same healthy impact on the local sports enthusiast and their equipment’s’ well-being, as did the pharmacy.  At least the only overdose Ian is worried about would be from his customers having too much fun, which is not hard to do in Tucker County, WV.




  I can tell you first hand the ski/snowboard tech shop in the back is as professional and state of art as it gets.  Fine tuning begins with Beckner’s auto fed base and edging machine; it is the Ferrari of tuning machines and manufactured in Italy.  The work bench is given incredible detail in order to prevent cross contamination of cleaners, metal shavings, and various types of hot wax.  When I stopped by for pictures the other day, Dave, the ski tech, was wearing safety glasses and gloves while tuning, this is the first sign of a top notch product.  The second omen is the fact there we 30 pairs of high end skis and snowboards that had been tuned or were slated for tuning.  The word has spread fast on his ski tech’s skills, wait until winter enthusiasts find out Driftland has the newest and least expensive ski and snowboard rental fleet in Canaan Valley! 




  There has been a resurgence in the winter recreation scene in and around Davis, WV over the last three years, beginning with the new lodge, slope upgrades, and new terrain park groomer at Canaan Valley ResortBlackwater Falls State Park has added snowmaking, the longest surface lift on the East Coast, new grooming equipment for the sledding hill and cross country ski trails, and Timberline has upgraded their snow making system.  Ian has kept up the momentum by opening Driftland Ski and Sport, here are the facts on what Driftland has to offer.  The entire line of ski and snowboards are made by Rossignol.  Ski rentals range in size from children’s 80cm to 174cm; ski boots fit children to size 15, and are 4 buckle, front entry boot.  Rarely will find such a high quality/performance boot that comes with your ski rental.  The snowboard rental fleet varies in size from 100cm-163cm, and are designed with modern rocker, specific to beginners and intermediate riders.  Boot size availability range from small children to size 15 and you will find helmets of all sizes are available for rent as well.  Performance ski demo rentals, from reverse camber powder sticks to slalom, ‘I love my race suit’ type of skis, are very important to the kind of product Ian wants to offer. On the retail side everything you need for a day on the snow can be found, some of those brands are Electric, Fly Low, and Spy.




  Before talking about the future of Driftland Ski and Sport let’s talk about the past, more specifically what’s behind the name Driftland.  In 1950 the Washington Ski Club began skiing an apple orchard just to the right of where the current snowmaking ponds are located at Canaan Valley Ski Resort. The club referred to this location as ‘driftland’, due to the abundant snowfall that was first spotted by pilots flying over Canaan Valley.  By 1954 a rope tow was installed and ‘driftland’ had set the path forward for Weiss Knob Ski Resort (modern day Whitegrass) in 1955, and the ski industry as we know it today.  As for Ian, he wants to provide the next generation with a quality shop, bring fun and excitement to the community and ski industry, to “raise the stoke level in the skier lifestyle” as Beckner puts it.  This summer he plans to close the shop, resuming his carpenter job, and working on a business model for summer 2017.  Mr. and Mrs. Beckner, your stoke level has us stoked!  Kudos to ya’ll.



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Curing Cold Wintry Feet 1655832_10100653616075160_5551641321909270913_n.jpg

Timmy two-socks had it all wrong.  It was almost fear mongering of cold snowy days, and the only way to beat it, layers, heavier materials, and strategically placed plastic bags between my socks and boots.  Oh the good ol days, and it worked.  I knew of no other clothing alternative and the presence of snow was so energizing, that the adrenaline of a good snowball fight or climbing the sled hill for the 43rd time kept us warm and distracted.  Being distracted wasn’t always the most intelligent way to battle the cold, the result being frostbitten limbs or near hypothermic body temps.  I’m having a flashback to burning finger tips grasping a steamy mug of mom’s homemade hot cocoa and scarfing down a half dozen slices of buttered toast, then repeat. 


Fast forward 30 years and 30 various pairs of winter specific socks for any outdoor occasion, from hanging out at Whitegrass’s Jack Frost party to working 12 hour shifts making snow for ski resorts.  My toes knows what works in the quest for warmth and comfort.  The last sentence in itself is the first step in the right direction.  If your feet are uncomfortable from the get go, no matter the reason, you best bet on a day of misery, blisters, and of course, chili feet.   In writing this Blog it occurs to me, maybe toasty feet in the winter has nothing to do with the actual socks themselves, but the preparation and mental state that has to be top notch, and your Smart Wool is just a compliment.  Ok, ok, getting to deep and Zen like here, back on track.  


Start your day cool and dry.  Leaving the house toasty warm, pre geared up, and ready to conquer subzero conditions, while tempting and convenient, yields unproductive results.  Stay cool and wear cotton socks.  Avoiding perspiration during your over heated drive and suit up time is imperative.  By wearing cotton socks during this time water will be absorbed from sweaty feet up to the point your scientifically, technical, laser fit socks are wrapped around your lower extremities.  A pre-sock sprinkle of talcum powder massaged around foot is an added bonus in keeping dry; this is no time to begin philosophizing on life, get your expedition wears on and head outside.  Embarking with a low body temperature is clutch, feeling a little chilled is good thing.  Let the body’s core temperature rise as a result of your activity, not because you hung out in the lodge too long telling anyone in ear shot how epic the privious day of skiing was.  Dressing in layers and adjusting on the fly in order to control body temperatures will do more for you and your feet than the clever marketing guru’s at Under Armor.


Whether you like them short or tall, thick or thin, maybe you like two socks at once, either way there is a sock for any occasion.  The best starting point is thin to medium thickness and mid height on your shin.  Keep in mind if long underwear is being worn in conjunction with proper sock height; or the fact that the thicker the material, the tighter a boot fits, resulting in less blood flow to the bottom extremities and icy toes.  I really like wearing Merino Wool socks that are strategically padded in the heel and toe box, yet very thin elsewhere.  It is important to note how tight the fabric is woven together.  A loose weave will be too bulky and not fit ergonomically, not to mention the sign of poor quality sock that will degrade quickly.  A good rule of thumb is if your outdoor foot wear resembles your bedroom slippers and is immediately the most comfortable thing in existence, on couch performance will be out of this world and nacho cheese stains will come out no problem.

Now don’t be scared, get out there and feel Mother Nature in the winter.


Cheers.  Brian

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How do you spend your day off? I spent my day off ON THE SLOPES!  Last Friday, Feb. 14th we had over 18 inches of natural snow fall and then the sun came out.  What else could I ask for?  This storm started Thursday, Feb. 13th and continued to snow off and on until Monday, Feb. 17th, totaling close to 30 inches!  It was an incredible weekend.  This year snow totals are just under 130 inches and the ski season is not over yet.  Last March we received 70 inches of snow in just that month.  There is still plenty of time to come and enjoy all of the winter sports activities Tucker County has to offer.  Don't miss events include Snowy Luau at Timberline Resort, March 15-16th and Wild Thing Weekend at Canaan Valley Resort, March 1st.



First chair of the morning!



Geared up and Ready to Go!




Let's more pictures!





Until next time...


I hope you made your plans to come up and enjoy all of this!




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COLD WEATHER = FANTASTIC CONDITIONS! After a fairly lack-luster start to the '13-'14 wintersports season, the cold weather and numerous "clippers" have allowed our downhill resorts, Canaan Valley Resort and Timberline Four Seasons Resort, to crank up the snowmaking efforts and get most (if not all) skiable terrain open for your enjoyment.  All of our nordic centers, Whitegrass Ski Touring Center, Canaan Valley State Park, and Blackwater Falls State Park, are open with many miles of trails thoughout this pristine mountain environment!  The website you are viewing has a great deal of information regarding our winter activities!  You can also visit for additional travel info!  Feel free to contact this office for updated information at 888-975-SNOW (7669)!


It was 8 degrees below zero this morning and Timberline was crankin' out a lot of their wonderful white product.  I stopped at the end of my lane and took this photo!!

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Yes, Winter is Here! Finally, winter has arrived.  Cold temperatures and over a foot of natural snow helped all the ski areas get open on time and a little early.  Did you know that Tucker County, WV offers a variety of winter activities, not just skiing and snowboarding?  Along with skiing or snowboarding at Canaan Valley and Timberline Resort, snowtubing is now open at Canaan Valley Resort's newly expanded tubing park.  Ice skating at Canaan Valley Resort and zip-lining at Timberline Resort will be coming soon this winter.  But you can't forget,  White Grass Cross Country Center trails and cafe are open too!  Cross country skiing and snowshoeing can not only be done at White Grass but also at the either state park, Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley Resort, Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge and the Monogahela National Forest.  Timberline Resort also offers a one-way Nordic lift to access Dolly Sods and their Nordic trails.  So there is no excuse, go outside and play!


That's exactly what I did...I loaded up my dog and cross country skis and headed to the Beall Trails on the Wildlife Refuge property.  



*Dogs are allowed on leashes *There is no snow removal on the road, park at pull off before you go down.




Just as we headed out...the sun came out! 


We skied and skied some more...before we knew it, 2 hours went by.


iphone 5 2013-12-18 023_1.jpg


Beall Trails are a big loop with short cut offs with overlooks.  It is one of my a favorite places to go winter skiing and summer hiking!










There are always plenty of outdoor winter activities to do in the area.  But you don't want to forget the great dining opportunities, shopping and live music that can be found.  Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up to date!  And when you are in the area capturing your fun use #skithevalley and #tuckerco when sharing.



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Timberline to Remain Open Through this Week! Timberline Four Season Resort's management announced on Sunday that they would remain open through this week as opposed to being closed Monday-Wednesday as originally planned.  This might be a direct result of over 208" of natural snowfall recorded at 7:00 AM this morning!  It's still snowing and conditions couldn't be better onTimberline's 1,000' vertical!!


I ventured out on Saturday morning and enjoyed bright sunshine, moderate temperatures and just about every slope and trail open and in great shape!  Spring and Summer will get here eventually, so get outside and enjoy the mountains!!

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202+ Inches and More on the Way!! As of 7AM this morning Friday March 22nd, 2013, this area has received over 202" of natural snowfall and there is more on the way.  The weather prognosticators have not started to predict any accumulations, but it's on it's way nonetheless!


Due to the massive ($30 million+) construction at Canaan Valley Resort, they have closed their ski facility for the season although will continue to rent cross-country and snowshoe gear for as long as there is natural cover.  There are many miles of scenic trails available at Canaan Resort to explore!


Timberline Four Seasons Resort will be opened this weekend, closing Monday - Wednesday and reopening Thursday-Sunday.  Spring Break at the crowded/expensive beaches???  I think not!  Mid-winter ski conditions with late March Pow-Pow??  Now you're talkin'!!



Make plans to get to the mountains for some of the finest Spring conditions and cool activities!!  You can click on one of the links below or just give this office a call!!


Timberline Four Seasons Resort


Canaan Valley Resort State Park


Tucker County Convention & Visitors Bureau  (You're on our winter/ski site!)

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Great “Goings-On” This Weekend!! There are some really cool events happening at the “Top of the Mountain State” this weekend!  To date, we have received natural snowfall in excess of 150” and there is more on the way!  The last time I checked, just about every slope/trail was open at both ski resorts!


The 53rdAnnual West Virginia Governors Cup ski races are happening at Timberline Four Seasons Resort March 2-3 and ski racers from all over will converge to compete for the overall cup.  I have enjoyed many years of racing at this event and, for me and the other “rusty muskets” it’s an opportunity to catch up with others from the region and watch the “young guns” duke it out for the Cup.  Both races take place on the Thunderstruck trail with the Giant Slalom being held on Saturday and the Slalom on Sunday.  Racers get two shots at each course and the overall cup winners (M & F) are the ones that post the fastest combined times for all four runs!











Also taking place this weekend at Canaan Valley Resort is Wild Thing Weekend with all sorts of cool family activities including (but not limited to) Face Painting, a Lollipop Race for the kiddos, Saucer Races, a Boarder Cross, Frozen T-Shirt contest, and the infamous “Pond Jump”.  There will also be plenty of good food, music and skiing/riding to enjoy!



Cindy photo 13.jpg



March is the best time to be on the mountains!  Lots of snow, temperatures have moderated (somewhat) and the sun is higher in the sky.  What aren’t higher are the rates!  Lift and lodging rates take a tumble in March!


Pack your gear, throw the kiddos in the car and head for the hills!!  There's a ton of cool stuff going on!


For up-to-date ski/lodging/travel information, contact this office at 1-888-975-SNOW (7669) 

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Ski Season is Here! 91_copy.jpg


Timberline Resort is open with 18 trails!  Be aware some are open with natural snow cover only.  Canaan Valley Resort opens Saturday (12/19), but has their ice skating rink and cross country trail opens.  White Grass Country Center is wide open!  This past week snow totals are over a foot (12-14") of natural snow!  Where else would you want to bring in the new year than in a winter wonderland.  Plenty of holiday options.  Give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help you plan your get away in the mountains!  

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It’s snow time at Canaan Valley! - Big changes create better outdoor recreation DAVIS, W.Va. – Canaan Valley Resort State Park is located within a high mountain valley that is actually carved from a plateau. Its base elevation – what visitors recognize as Canaan Valley – is 3,430 feet and the area as a whole includes a wildlife refuge, vacation homes and other private rental properties and the state park, Canaan Valley. The highest elevation at the resort is 4,280 feet.

“When you have the terrain, the elevations and accommodations, winter sports are the result,” says Lisa Ratliff with Canaan Valley Resort. “When it snows in West Virginia, it’s time to visit Canaan Valley to play in the snow, to ski, and this year, to tube.”

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Better Late Than Never!

Even though the weather is not as winter-like as one might want, there is great skiing at both resorts with some snow/colder weather on tap for this weekend!  Canaan Valley Resort has some terrain from the top (4280') as well as the beginner area open.  Timberline is sporting a good selection of trails from their summit (4,268') so there IS skiing available!! 

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Another Ski Season in the Books!

Another great ski season has come and gone here in Canaan Valley/Timberline land!  Still awaiting final numbers from our resorts and will post as soon as I have them.  One number that I have is 211.  No, it's not an emergency or information phone number, it's how many inches of natural snowfall we have enjoyed!

Back to back 200+" seasons!  This is truly a high mountain environment where winter sports can be enjoyed in their purest form.  Yes, one has to drive a little farther to get here but feel free to do some research and check out the natural snowfall totals for those smaller and much more crowded resorts in VA, NC, and PA!!

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